Our Products


Delicious Rib Fillet, Eye Fillet, Sirloins, Rump, Roasts, Silverside, Diced and Minced.


Thigh, Breast, Maryland and amazing Whole Chooks!


Tenderloins, Racks, Rumps, Chops, Legs, Mince and more!


Belly, Legs, Racks, Loins, Ribs, Fillet and Mince


Bacon, Kabana, Hams and other deliciousness.


Wild Caught Atlantic Salmon

About us

The Meat Truck is a family owned and run business. Our goal is to give our customers old fashioned, honest service and a product that they know they can rely on.

Much of our time is invested in sourcing the best products available so you can be confident that you are buying quality produce at a great price.

Carnivorous Praise

Without doubt the best quality meats I have tasted in a long time! The TMT team are very knowledgable and were more that happy to assist me with my ordering. I’ll certainly be coming back!

Chris Gerald, QL