Our beef is sourced from some of the finest cattle properties in Australia. We carry only the best and if grass fed, MSA certified, hormone and antibiotic free beef is what you’re looking for then you’ve come to the right place.

Rib Fillet

We source premium Rib Fillet from the amazing team at Rangeland meats located at Chinchilla. Our Rib is from grass fed, yearling Angus cattle and has been aged to perfection ready for your next get together. Rib Fillets are cryovaced as a whole fillet or sliced.

Whole fillets are between 2kg – 3kg and sliced packs contain two steaks averaging 600g.
Whole – 48.99kg
Sliced – $48.99kg

Eye Fillet

We stock both whole and butt end eye fillet sourced from MSA certified yearling, grass fed cattle. If you love meat with a subtle flavour that will melt in your mouth this is the cut of beef for you.  Size ranges between 1kg – 2kg.
Whole – $33.99kg
Butt End – $38.99kg


Not much beats the flavour of a good piece of Porterhouse steak and we carry only the best! Black Angus yearling, grass fed sirloin, aged and crovaced whole or in packs of two steaks averaging 650g.
Whole – $29.99kg
Sliced – $34.99kg


Those who think of rump as a budget option have not experienced how great this cut can be. When Premium grass fed Black Angus yearling cattle are treated correctly and aged to perfection a beautiful, tender rump steak has the best flavor of all the cuts. You can buy a whole cryovaced rump around the 5kg – 6kg size or our two pack of steaks is about 700g
Whole – $22.99kg
Sliced – $28.99kg


We carry a variety of tender beef roasts to suit a wide range of tastes and cooking methods. Roast sizes vary depending on the cut and we will be able to find you the perfect peice for your family.
Flank – $18.99kg
Oyster Blade – $15.99kg
Tri tip – $16.99kg
Rump Cap – $18.99kg

Slow Cooking Cuts

We have a great selection of beef for the slow cooker or smoker. Pack sizes vary depending on the cut and rangle from 1 – 3kgs.

Beef Cheeks – $17.99kg
Brisket – $15.99kg
Osso Bucco – $ 15.99kg


Corned beef is a salt or brine cured cut of beef. Since the origin of the word ‘corn’ comes from an old English word meaning large grain, the term ‘corned’ refers to the grains of rock salt traditionally used to preserve the beef. Our corned beef is made from eye round and a tradtional brine . They are cryovaced with an average weight between 1 – 2kgs. Make sure you have leftovers for corned beef fritters!


Our diced beef is made from premium chuck tenders and cut into thick cubes to ensure yournext cassorole has amazing flavour and melts in your mouth. Our diced beef is cryovaced into 1kg lots.


Not all mince is created equal and once you’ve tried ours you will realise why it is so loved by our customers. Made with only premium grass fed beef there is nothing at all added during the mincing process, no preservatives or powders to make it bright red. Our 98% fat free mince is cryovaced in 1kg bags and will soon be a fixture on your shopping list too.