A beautifully trimmed lamb rack on the table is a sight to behold! We carry the best of the best, export quality fully french trimmed New England lamb racks that will impress any lamb connoisseur. They have eight bones per rack and come packed in single or doubles depending on availability.
$29.99kg (Cap on)


A traditional lamb roast is a family favourite for a reason! With so many different recipes to try it never needs to go out of fashion. Out legs come cryovaced either bone-in or boneless and rolled with an average weight around 2kg. We also have a butterflied Leg marinated in rosemary and mint which is a very popular option for the BBQ.
Boneless Leg – $18.99kg
Butterfly Leg – $24.99kg

Loin Chops

For lovers of lamb on the bone our loin chops will hit the spot. From the New England region of NSW these chops are cryovaced in packs of four and weigh around 500g.


Sourced from the New England region in NSW our tenderloins have a beautiful subtle flavour and can be used in so many dishes. They come crovaced with about eight fillets in a pack weighing around 800g.


Lamb rumps are incredibly versatile, anything from a quick roast to kebabs and stir frys can be done with this flavorsome cut. These New England rumps come cryovaced in a pack of four and weigh around 1kg.


Perfect cut for the slowcooker on a chilly night! We stock hindquarter shanks with plenty of meat on them. They come in packs of two and weigh between 800g – 1kg


Our lamb shoulder will melt in your mouth. We stock bone shoulders perfect for the slow cooker or oven. They are approximately 1 – 1.5kg
Bone In – $18.99kg


We use our lamb legs to make out mince so you can be confident you are feeding your family a quality product. There are no chemicals or preservatives added and it is cryovaced in a 500g bag to maintain freshness.