Our Bruemar pork legs are second to none with amazing crackling and juicy tender meat. They are cryovaced and are around 2kg.


Perfect to roast or cut into cutlets our pork racks have an amazing flavour that will impress everytime. Cryovaced in 10 rib portions they weigh around 2-3kg.


Pork loin is a lean, versitile cut which can be roasted or even cut into steaks. Our pork loins are cryovaced and average around 1.5kg. Choose between a loin roast with crackling or porterhouse for steaks.

Loin Roast $15.99kg
Porterhouse $16.99kg


Treat yourself with our delicious pork belly! Perfect crackling and amazing flavour will make this cut a favorite. Cryovaced in 1.5kg portions but can be cut to any size you require.
$18.99kg n/a


One of our customers all time favorites our pork ribs will not dissapoint. There is plenty of meat on these to make a serious meal out of, you won’t be left hungry! Cryovaced with sizes ranging from 1- 2kg.



This versatile cut can be used in almost any recipe from roasting to stirfrys. Lean and tender this great cut is cryovaced with an average weight of 400g.


Our mince is made from pork leg with no preservatives or other nasties added. Whether you want to add extra flavour to your bolognese or make a mean san choy bow this mince will give you a great dish every time. Available cryovaced in 500g packs.