Full Rasher Bacon

Our bacon is amazing!! Double woodsmoked and made using the best Aussie pork you will never be able to go back after trying it. Cryovaced in 1kg packs.


Shortcut Bacon

Naturally woodsmoked Australian pork at its finest! For a leaner option our shortcut bacon is perfect and has a beautiful flavor that will keep everyone happy. Cryovaced with an average weight of 700g.



Double woodsmoked with a wonderful flavour that is sure to impress your guests this kabana is fantastic to have in the fridge for when friends stop by. Cryovaced with two per pack.



Made using traditional smoking techniques these Aussie pork legs are double woodsmoked for optimal flavour. Available in 1/4, 1/2 or whole sizes this Leg Ham is not just for the festive season!


Sliced Ham

Our double smoked leg ham has been sliced off the bone and is by all accounts delicious. Cryovaced in 400 -500g packs you will always have something quick and delicious in the fridge.